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Get to Know Us

United Medical Supplies, Inc. is a durable medical equipment & incontinence supply company.  We have been providing services to individual clients in their homes, health care institutions, and agencies since 1997.

Eighty percent of our clients are referred by case managers (social workers) from different Regional Centers.  United Medial Supplies, Inc. has established a solid reputation for providing quality products and services.

Our entire staff is very knowledgeable regarding Medi-Cal, Medicare, and managed care services.

United Medical Supplies, Inc. is immediately available to provide timely and efficient service to meet our clients’ medical needs.

We are accredited by The Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC).

Why our clients Choose Us

Incontinence supplies and durable medical equipment are the specialty products of United Medical Supplies, Inc. Our company is known for its reliability, promptness, and courteous service.  This is why our competitors always have difficulty convincing our clients to change providers.

We give special attention to all our clients, especially those who have language barriers and those who are disabled.

If by chance they are referred to another provider, a pharmacy, or to a large company, whose specialty is NOT incontinence supplies, the quality of service is always compromised.

The language barrier and lack of knowledge of the technology

There are times when clients call another company to order supplies or to ask questions or complain, they are greeted by an automated machine telling them to “press this” and “press that”.  The clients get confused and frustrated; they hang up the phone without getting any help.

​With United Medical Supplies, customers are always greeted by a live customer service representative who is immediately ready to help and provide service

Receiving a Denial Letter

Most often a denial letter is needed from the clients’ insurance company.  Other providers will delegate procurement of denial letter to customers, but what about those who don’t even understand what a denial letter is and how and whom to call because of the language barrier?  Due to frustration, the clients give up and suffer in silence.  (No denial letter… No service.)

With United Medical Supplies, customers are guided by our staff in going through the process getting a denial letter, using a three-way call with the insurance company agent if necessary.  Other Providers are too busy to do this for their clients.

Sometimes getting a prescription from the doctor poses another problem


  • The doctor is too busy to sign it and it causes a delay.

  • The diagnosis is not sufficient to warrant Medi-Cal/Medicare approval.

  • Some doctors with different specialties like surgery or psychiatry are not qualified to give authorization for incontinence supplies.

  • The doctor won’t sign because the client has not been seen for years.

  • Some doctors won’t sign unless the client will go to their recommended suppliers.

  • Due to a lack of transportation, commuting back to the doctor’s office to get another Rx poses a big problem.


With some providers, if a prescription and diagnoses are not acceptable, the prescription is returned to the client.  They are advised to go back and get a better prescription.

​With United Medical Supplies, the clients are informed of the problem.  Using a three-way call with the client and the doctor, we help inquire for a more acceptable diagnosis.  For incontinence diagnosis, Medi-Cal requires a chronic or pathological disorder to warrant medical approval.  This saves clients hassle, time, and money.

The items delivered to the clients are wrong

This happens when a Medi-Cal supplier is not yet familiar with the products and incontinence supplies are not their specialty.

​With United Medical Supplies, our staff is very knowledgeable on the type of incontinence products and sizes that will fit the client.  We send them samples for them to see and try.  We are always willing to pick up and change products if needed.

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